Stress-Free Meal Planning with NEW Easy Sides

Heat, Serve, and Voila!

The Little Potato Company is excited to serve you Easy Sides! Our favorite Creamer potatoes are now available fully cooked, pre-seasoned, and crispy in only 7 minutes. Lightly seasoned and slow cooked—sous-vide style, all you have to do is heat, serve, and voila!

See? Meal planning can be stress-free.

Culinary-Inspired Flavors

Easy Sides are available in four culinary-inspired flavors. Each pouch contains about three servings, (in the USA that’s 140 g per serving, or ¾ cup per serving in Canada). Enjoy with your favorite protein for dinner tonight.

Sea Salt & Black Pepper

The natural, melt-in-your-mouth richness of our Little potatoes takes center stage, perfectly seasoned with sea salt and black pepper.

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Onion & Garlic

We delicately infused our naturally buttery Little potatoes with a savory onion and garlic seasoning.

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Sweet Bell Pepper & Onion

We gently heightened the natural velvety essence of our Little potatoes with a sweet bell pepper and onion seasoning.

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Paprika & Red Bell Pepper

We infused the natural butteriness of our Little potatoes with a succulent paprika and red bell pepper seasoning.

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Cooking Instructions: Cut. Pour. Heat!

There are a few ways you can enjoy Easy Sides. We recommend the skillet method—all you have to do is heat, stir, and enjoy crispy Little potatoes in just 7 minutes!

Skillet Instructions for Crispy Potatoes

Easy Sides Cooking Instructions Step 1

Step One

Add oil to skillet

Heat one tablespoon oil in a non-stick skillet.

Easy Sides Cooking Instructions Step 2

Step Two

Cut open package

Open package and pour potatoes into skillet.

Easy Sides Cooking Instructions Step 3

Step Three

Arrange potatoes cut side down

Arrange cut side down in hot oil and cook for 5 minutes until crispy.

Easy Sides Cooking Instructions Step 4

Step Four

Turn and cook to crispy

Turn potatoes cut side up and cook for an additional 2 minutes.

Where to Buy

Ask your local retailers where to find The Little Potato Company’s Easy Sides in your refrigerated produce section.

*Available in select stores.


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Where do I find these in the store?

How do you cook them?

Can I heat them in the oven?

Can I heat them in the microwave?

Can you recycle the package?

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