Microwave 101: How to Cook Potatoes in the Microwave

Microwave 101: How to Cook Potatoes in the Microwave

We love us some deliciously grilled Creamer potatoes hot off the barbecue, but sometimes we don’t have 45 minutes to prepare and cook them. Fortunately, the microwave is a marvel of human technology that can allow us to enjoy delicious, steamed potatoes in a matter of minutes! Here are some of our basic, favorite methods for cooking Creamer potatoes in the microwave, and a few easy recipes. Consider this your Microwave 101 crash course.

Par-Cooking in the Microwave

Par-cooking is simple and helps reduce your oven roasting or barbecue/grilling time down when you’re in a hurry.  While your oven or barbecue heats up, take your favorite Little Potato varietal and place them in a microwave-safe dish. Microwave the Creamers on high for about three to five minutes (depending on desired doneness). You’ll be able to tell if they’re done when you’re able to cut through the potato with little resistance, but without accidentally mashing the potato. Caution when handling them right out of the Microwave, they will be hot Little Potatoes!

Transfer the Little Potatoes into a larger mixing bowl (preferably one with a lid). To add some flavor after they’ve cooked, you can mix-and-match with olive oil and a combination of your favorite herbs and spices like:

  • Garlic salt
  • Dill
  • Salt and pepper
  • Chipotle powder
  • Rosemary
  • Paprika

Try out different flavor combinations to see what you like best! Just add your oil (or melted butter), herbs, spices, and seasonings into the sealable container and shake them up to thoroughly coat the potatoes. Or, get started with the simple recipe below.

Recipe: Easy Microwave Creamer Potatoes

Cook Time:     10 minutes
Cook’s Tip:      Be sure all the Creamers are approximately the same size for even cooking. If sizes vary or you wish to cook more than a 1.5lb bag, then cook in batches.
You Need:       12 to 16 cup microwave-safe bowl with lid, spoon, sharp knife
Serves:            4 to 6


  • 5 lb bag your favorite varietal Little Potatoes
  • 1 Tbsp water
  • 2 Tbsp butter or margarine
  • 2 Tbsp chopped chives or green onion, if desired
    Salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Place whole Little Potatoes in a microwave-safe container with a lid and large enough to hold Creamers in two layers maximum. Otherwise, cook in batches for best results.
  2. Add water.
  3. Set timer for five minutes and microwave on high.
  4. Carefully remove cover (the dish will be hot!). With a sharp knife test for doneness, the knife should pierce skin easily and potatoes will be soft inside.
  5. If not, stir potatoes and increase cooking time by 30 second intervals, testing until done.
  6. Stir in butter or margarine.  You can also add chives or green onion, if desired.
  7. Season to taste and enjoy!

Microwave Ready Little Potatoes

If you’re real short on time, or you just want an easy, grab-and-go option, you can always pop one of our convenient Microwave Ready Little Potato trays in for the same amount of time. Because you don’t need to wash or peel our Creamers, it’s a quick and delicious way to get fresh potatoes on your table, fast! Try pairing them with this Lentil Niçoise Salad for a simple way to bulk up a nutritious lunch.

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