Master the grill with Little Potatoes

Master the grill with Little Potatoes

You’ve spent years honing your BBQ skills, grilling up mouth-watering mains—the ultimate steaks, chicken, fish, ribs and veggie fare.

And now that another barbecue season is fast approaching it’s a good time to start thinking about expanding your repertoire to include the perfect barbecued side dish—Creamer potatoes.

Sure, that tasty potato salad you’ll prepare in the kitchen beforehand will look great cuddled up beside your grilled meats. But why not mix things up a bit?

When it’s sunny outside why spend any more time than you have to prepping sides when there are delicious ways to cook potatoes right on the grill!

Our Creamer potatoes are perfect for the BBQ. Their small size helps them cook quickly, and because there’s no need to peel the thin, tasty, nutritious skins, your Creamers won’t stick to the grill.

Barbecued Creamers 2 ways

Foil packet Little Potatoes

Make a foil envelope for quartered Creamer potatoes, onions, a little ham, butter and seasonings and put it right on the grill at low heat for about 40 minutes.

Experiment with your favorite flavors and ingredients, you can’t really go wrong! The result is beautifully steamed, creamy potatoes in a delicious sauce.

Tip: to perfectly steam the potatoes, make sure the foil is sealed tightly to keep in the moisture.

Recipe: Creamy Potatoes En Papillote

Creamer potatoes right on the grill

Brush with your favorite flavored oil or sauce, and barbecue for just 15 minutes. They turn out crispy on the outside with nice grill marks, and creamy and soft in the center. Perfect!

Tip: Parboil potatoes first to ensure they cook fully, and if your grill has wide grates and you’re worried about sacrificing a precious Creamer or two into the flames below, a grill tray or skewers are a great solution.

Recipe: Grilled Little Potato Skewers with Roasted Garlic Aioli

Our Grill-Ready Kits

For extra convenience, our Grill Ready Kits combine our famous farm fresh Little Potatoes in an easy-to-use roasting tray and savoury seasoning pack. Just open the package, add the seasoning and splash of oil, and BBQ for around 30 minutes. Tasty, healthful meals couldn’t be easier!

BBQ potato pinspiration

If you need more inspiration check out some great grilled potato recipes on our newly launched BBQ Potato Recipe Board on Pinterest.

Happy grilling!

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